Careers: How I got here – Irena Stankevica

How I got here - Irena Stankevica

Interview by James Knowlesirene_s_image

What does your diary look like today?

I am currently working on a range of patterns for a national luxury womenswear brand.  Each design has to be carefully constructed and the toile created in order for it to be approved by the brand before creating the final sample.

Which meeting are you most looking forward to today?

At Atelier Studiolab, we work as a team, discussing each technical issue in order to produce garment samples to the highest possible standard, so I am most looking forward to our team meeting.

Each morning we have a meeting with all our team of seamstresses to discuss each individual project, and to adjust the techniques of sewing for patterns that I have created earlier. I am quite lucky to be surrounded by extremely talented people that bring years of experience and various skills to the business, which in turn helps us to realise the vision of our customers.

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