Culture & Values

Superdry has grown from a small entrepreneurial business to a large multinational. Despite our impressive growth, we have retained our heart and soul, and our values and culture have always stayed very important to us – cultural fit is crucial and is an extremely important part of our hiring process.

Despite our size and complexity we are still quite resistant to becoming too corporate – we won’t let go of our ‘Superdry personality’. Our culture is unique, and it’s important that before you apply to work with us, you understand the importance of cultural fit and have thought about how your own personal style and values are compatible with ours.

Superdry is a young, exciting, fast moving and ever evolving company, operating at the cutting edge of our industry. We were founded by entrepreneurs who had a dream and a vision, and the business acumen to make it happen. Our founders still run the business today and their influence remains strong.

We have a real family feel, very little hierarchy with no airs and graces – we are real, honest, authentic, down to earth and very friendly people. We all love the brand and really believe in what we do – people who work here are really proud to say they work at Superdry and that this is a company who focus hard on quality product.

As a business we make decisions quickly and take plenty of calculated risks – we get on with things and don’t spend ages planning when we could be taking action. As a result our people are resilient, adaptable, flexible, and comfortable with almost constant change. We’ve also grown very big in a short space of time – so people here are comfortable working in an environment where structure, organisation and systems aren’t always perfect.

People aiming to join us therefore need to be:

  • Bought into the brand and a fan of Superdry
  • Motivated to help us evolve and improve
  • Able to bring expertise and make a difference
  • Keen to help us achieve things we can’t do now
  • Always thinking of how to improve the customer experience
  • Have vision, ideas, willingness to do things differently
  • Comfortable with things not always being perfect
  • Able to deal with ambiguity and job roles that evolve and change
  • Not worried about job titles and status
  • Driven to join a fast growth business with lots of career opportunity
  • Flexible, resilient, adaptable, able to cope with change
  • Incredibly hard working, willing to do what it takes
  • Genuine, friendly, down to earth, respectful, collaborative
  • Engaging, great with people, likeable
  • Not overly corporate or formal – relaxed style
  • For more senior roles, leadership qualities are really important

We’d strongly suggest that anyone considering Superdry as a place to work gives a lot of thought to these cultural factors and thinks about whether our environment is a good fit.