In the Production, Sourcing and Garment Technology teams we are responsible for the manufacture of all the Superdry products that you see in store and online. We locate and manage all of our factory suppliers across the globe, ensuring that they are making our product as the designers intended; using the right materials and production techniques, producing the correct volumes at the right price, and achieving the required deadlines. We also make sure that our suppliers run their factories to the highest standards, ensuring that everyone who works in them are safe, correctly trained, and properly rewarded.

We’re also responsible for sourcing the right raw materials to make our products. This could be anything from fabrics, fastenings and leathers, to the right dyes and washes. Once we have sourced all of the materials for our garments and have the people in place to make them, we work really closely with them to ensure that they produce our products exactly as we require. This means getting all the details correct, such as; the cut of the fabrics, the construction of the garment, the stitching, the trims, the fastenings and so on. We are the people that actually place the physical orders with suppliers for however many units we need.

The factories will make an initial run of each garment, which we then test extensively. We test the strength of the fabric and seams, analyse garments under ultra violet light to check for even distribution of the dye, and ensure the fit of all garments match our fit guidelines. We then feedback amendments to the factories to help them get the final product perfect. It is attention to detail like this that has built Superdry’s reputation for producing clothing of really high quality and durability standards.